Nerve Disorders-Neuropathy

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Do your feet feel numb, do they tingle, are they burning? Are you experiencing shooting pains, a loss of balance or the feeling that your sock is rolled up under your toes? If so, you may have peripheral neuropathy.

There are over 100 known causes of peripheral neuropathy and you may be especially prone to developing this condition if you are a diabetic.

At Podiatric Associates, we can perform a simple skin biopsy in which we will determine the concentration of small nerve fibers in your lower extremity. This allows us to diagnose and effectively treat your condition.

As we age and lose strength in our feet and ankles, and simple act of standing and walking isn't so simple any more. Falls present a real and growing risk to our older adults' health and independence- and their very lives. Falls can be prevented.

Our podiatrists are working to identify and provide solution for risk factors associated with falling. Do not delay to schedule an appointment so we may screen, review and recommend a plan for you. Keeping your independence is important to us.

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